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About Flataskóli

Flataskóli is a compulsory elementary school. The pupils are from 6 to 12 years old ( 1st to 7th grade). In the school are about 330  pupils and about 70 members of staff, teachers and other employees. Flataskóli is located in Garðabær, a town of 13000 inhabitants, 14 km south of Reykjavík.

Flataskóli is the oldest educational establishment in Garðabær and the school is founded on trust and stability. Good behavior together with a positive attitude and ethos are hallmarks of Flataskóli. Emphasis is placed on the pupils’ safety, interests and well-being. Education – Achievement – Satisfaction are the basic values that set the theme for the school.

Most classes in Flataskóli have about 20 pupils. Each class has a class teacher that teaches the academic subjects. Specialists teach art, music, physical education, swimming and design technology (cookery, needlework and woodwork).


Choir of Flataskoli

To ensure that the pupils gain the most from their education, varied teaching methods in every class combined with teaching in mixed groups from each grade are emphasized. Flataskóli’s aim is to graduate satisfied and open-minded pupils.
Music has traditionally played a fundamental role in the school’s activities. Each year pupils take part in a variety of staged performances; recitation, a poetry contest as well as a special programme dedicated to the Icelandic language.

Flataskóli’s environs offer many opportunities for outdoor teaching and activity. The school has a special outdoor teaching area in a grove nearby in harmony with a stream and lava. The seashore is within walking distance from school.

A well equipped library is in the school building. 

The principal is Heiðveig Hanna Friðriksdóttir and the vice principal is Edda Gíslrún Kjartansdóttir. The head of department is  Helga Kristjánsdóttir . 

Support network
The school has three teachers for pupils with special needs and one student advisor. The student advisor is available to pupils and parents to discuss educational, vocational or personal matters that affect the well-being of pupils. Four members of staff aid pupils, either as full support for individual pupils with severe disabilities or as support as required in class over shorter periods of time. One day per week the school has access to a psychiatrist and speech therapist.

The school day
The school opens at 8 am but formal teaching starts at 8.30 and finishes most days at 2:10 pm. During the day there are two breaks. In the former break the pupils sit in their classrooms and have a light snack, preferably fruit or vegetables. The latter break is around noon in the school canteen where pupils can buy lunch. Pupils go out for playtime twice per day.


  • Icelndic (literacy, grammar, spelling, poetry, literature etc.)
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious education
  • Natural science (biology, science and chemistry)
  • PHSE (Personal health and social education)
  • English (from 1st grade)
  • Danish (from 7th grade)
  • ITC (Information communication technology/Computer studies)
  • Library
  • Art 
  • Music
  • Sing along
  • Physical Education
  • Swimming
  • DT design technology
    • Cookery, textiles and woodwork


The school library in Flataskoli                                   

Letter to parents/ Custodians - About the influenza

Disruption of school operations due to storms          


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